How to Read a Metric Vernier Caliper

Reading a vernier caliper is tricky.  In this video Bob and Sparky go over how to read a metric vernier.  If you need more practice reading metric vernier calipers, see our practice sheets.

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  1. Hariharan Ramakrishnan says:

    Where are the practice sheets? More problems in the video can be very helpful.

  2. Hariharan Ramakrishnan says:

    Sorry for the below comment. I found the practice sheets.

  3. RADEMAKERS Jeroen says:

    Hi there, really liked the video,you explain it really good, there’s only thing that bothers me. Why don’t you make a video like this on how to read imperial calipers. I find them more difficult to read then metrc since the metric system uses multiples of ten in length, speed, weight, fluids etc.. The imperial system uses UK gallons, US gallons,etc for fluids, miles, yards,feet,inches … for lengths. So with the metric as the smallest its just like adding 1+2+3 to get everything smaller then 1mm and not adding up fractions if it’s smaller then 1″. Same with weight: using long ton, short ton, in the US called metric tons (SI tonne), pounds, ounces, stone. Had to order a 12ft tape measure in the US because I had to do some construction in the UK (this was a couple of months before the covid thing) and the plans where in imperial ; And just to save myself the time/trouble recalculating the sizes and the fact that not a single hardware store in te UK sells imperial tape measures anymore, I checked. All the materials the store sold where ofcourse in imperial sizes, but hey what you gonna do abouth that 🙂

    Kind metric regards from Belgium,



    Looking at a General Tools vernier caliper. When closed, not all of the graduations match up. Is that a problem? Please advise if this India made caliper (No. 722) has a quality issue. See www. Thanks. Chas

  5. Joseph Roth says:

    Micrometers, dial calipers, vernier calipers in Imperial (English) units also please.

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