How to Convert Fractions to Decimals

Hi I’m Bob Welds and this is how to convert a fraction to a decimal using a calculator.

A lot of people don’t like fractions because they are not sure how to use them in a calculator. Sparky and I would like to show you that it’s not very hard to use a calculator to find the decimal equivalent of any fraction.

When you look at a fraction, you might not realize it but what you are seeing is actually a division problem. One half means one divided by two. Let’s start with that one since it’s pretty easy. The decimal equivalent of one over two is point five. You see since one half means “one divided by two,” so that’s all we need to key into the calculator…See: press “one” then hit the “divided by button” and then press “two” hit equals and the answer pops up. One half is point five.

I’m going to let you try a harder one. What is the decimal equivalent of ⅜? When you see Sparky’s paws, pause the video and use your calculator to figure it out.

Did you say point 375? If you did, great! You’ve got it . Three eighths means three, divided by eight. If you got something else for you answer something went wrong. Try doing it again and I’ll bet you get it.

Here is another one: Three sixteenths. Pause the video and see if you can figure it out.

Three sixteenths is equal to point 1875. Here is what i did: enter 3 into the calculator, then press divided by… then type 16. Press enter and there is the answer. .1875.

I think you’ve got this. If you need more help, just let me know. I’m Bob Welds and these are Weldnotes.

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